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Quick Tips To Get Your Site Found by Google

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Here are some top tips to help your site get found by Google.

  1. Submit your site to ‘who is’ sites as these databases are scanned by Google regularly.
  2. Create a Twitter account and ensure you add a link to your profile which links back to your website.
  3. Submit a sitemap to Google.
  4. Add your site to Google webmasters tools

Remember, your objective is to get lots of free traffic from Google. You need your site to be found easily and ranked well.


Online brand marketing is the subset of marketing that deals with promoting and managing your

reputation and digital assets. Just to be clear, digital assets include items like your website, e-books, training programs, and the like. As a business of any size, you should be very concerned with online brand management because it could be the first and only impression a potential client will have of your business.  Here is a closer look at what goes into building an online brand.

Defining Who You Are

By you I am referring to you or your company. The starting point of your brand management is to define exactly who and what you are. Now, that is not to that your brand image cannot evolve, this is meant rather to serve as a starting point in the development process. In this stage, you need to consider who your target audience is, what you will offer them, and why your offer is the best.

Building Digital Assets

As I touched on above, your digital assets include things like your website and promotional materials. Building upon the foundation you laid out in the defining phase, these are the materials that will create the first impression of your business to potential consumers. When you select people to create these assets, you should be certain that they understand your goals and vision; this will keep everyone on the same page.

Sharing Your Brand

Once you have created award winning digital assets, you will surely want to show them off. This is the time for that and here are a few ways you can do so. In regards to online marketing, you will find three primary methods, SEO, PPC, and Social Media. All three of these methods are good and together they work great. When you are ready to use these methods, you need to consider what your marketing goal is. Are you trying to directly market a product, or do you just want to build brand awareness? Ideally, you can do both at the same time.

Reviewing and Refining Your Image

Hopefully, in the above phases, you made great decisions in regards to the content you created and how you marketed that content. In a perfect world, that would mean that your business would have a squeaky clean online reputation. Unfortunately, in our world, it usually doesn’t work that way. If you have ever had to fire an employee, have made a competitor mad, or have been successful in general, people are going to try and sabotage you. This means you must continually monitor what information is being found online about your brand. If you find malicious materials that are false, you can hire a SEO firm to bury those false statements for you. This is known as search engine reputation management.

Overall the brand that you build for your business will be dictated by each of the small components going into it. In regards to online brand marketing, you must continually monitor and refresh your information to achieve greatness.

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